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CI Introduction

KORINOX will be always with you on your way to success in the future. 'Creative Thinking, Proactive Movement, Utmost Devotion'


We adopt the logo symbol to emphasize the execution of every activity by shaping “KRX” which KR means KOREA and X means EXECUTE to present a positive impression base on KRX as an initial letter of Korinox.
This logo shows the corporate vision as a company leading a stainless steel industry which requires high-tech technologies through continual research and development in processing stainless and special steels. This is the symbol which means a high-tech engineering company processing metals by passion, vision and effective energy.
  • KORINOX RED : Shape of stretching toward up and down means heat and energy.
  • KORINOX BLUE : This means the growth extending on all sides by leading a high-tech industry.
  • KORINOX GRAY : This means a high-tech engineering company manufacturing metals


  • RED
  • BLUE
  • GRAY

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